What Happens To The Person The Moment He Leaves This World

What Happens To The Person The Moment He Leaves This World

The moment after the soul leaves ones body , G-D judges the person. G-D says to the soul, I have troubled myself to Create you , while you were in your mothers stomach so your mother doesn't miscarry. 

From that time of inception, I made  sure that all your needs were tended to. Throughout your life I made  sure that all your needs were taken care of. So what  have you accomplished in your lifetime. 

  1. How much Torah learning did you do?
  2. How many acts of kindness did you perform?
  3. Did you try to have children ?
  4. Were you honest in buisness?

If the soul was able to respond then the soul gets spared From punishment. The souls gets escorted to his final resting place. However If the soul did not do, then G-D gives the soul over to 5 heavenly angels to punish it. Corresponding to the 5 chumashim. Each angel for a different purpose. 

  1. The first counts how many lashes he is to get
  2. The second angel,  hits the person-For all the positive commandments he transgressed. 
  3. The third angle, Takes the light out of the person-since he troubled himself to do sin. 
  4. The fourth angel is sent, If the person stole , The angel Brings bitter herbs and tells him to chew it , since you are from stolen money or from something that doesn't belong to you. 
  5. The fith   angels  hit the parents , why didn't you lead your son on the right path. To teach him Torah and to perform acts of kindness. If the parents in fact did teach the child and the child rebelled , then the angels hit the child  in front of the parents. THIS ALL HAPPENS BEFORE ????? ????