Yahrzeit29 Adar
Date of Passing Mar/16/2018


Things Done Liluy Nishmas Eliyahu2 Mahgere

Kivrei Tzadikim

mayur1 ordered Kivrei Tzadikim (Binyamin Hatzadik) Liluy Nishmas 
6 Adar I 5779 - Feb/11/2019

Someone will recite a Seder in Liloy Nishmas the Niftar at a Kever of a Tzadik and insert a Kvittel by the Kever.


Shmuel ordered Zohar Liluy Nishmas 
11 Shevat 5779 - Jan/17/2019

The holy Zohar will be recited in merit of the Niftar

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